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Darryl is a candidate for the Florida House of Representatives for District 29. He’s a proud husband and father who plans to use his experience as a social worker, attorney and mediator to help people, children and families in Florida.

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As a social worker, attorney, and mediator, Darryl has hands-on professional experience assisting families, service members, and veterans.

Darryl is passionate about people and families.

Darryl is passionate about people and has used collaboration and teamwork to solve problems for those he has served. He has championed for employees who have faced unjust discrimination and has been instrumental in working with parties with their resolving their conflict.

Darryl has chosen to raise his own family in Seminole County because he believes in the community and the opportunities that Seminole County presents for the next generation.  He wants his family to be a part of those expanding opportunities and wants to assure that those opportunities are available to all Floridians.


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Darryl, Melanie, DJ & Mercedes

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