Environment & Wildlife

Seminole County is known as “Florida’s natural choice,” and I want to ensure the county remains that way by protecting its environmental treasures, such as the Wekiva River, one of two rivers in the state designated as a National Wild and Scenic River. As the county continues to gain new residents, I will support smart growth policies that minimize urban sprawl while protecting sensitive lands and ecosystems, including Lake Jesup and the St. Johns River. I am opposed to public hunts of the Florida black bear. I believe bear-human conflicts could be reduced through non-lethal means and conservation, and that decisions on how to manage the bear population should be based on scientific data.

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge we face, and Floridians are already beginning to experience the effects of this phenomenon. Rising sea levels are increasing the risk of flooding, and more frequent storms are challenging our infrastructures. I believe we can reduce greenhouse emissions and lower consumers’ energy costs by moving toward renewable energy sources, including solar. I support the efforts of local solar co-ops who are seeking to make solar panels more affordable for Florida’s families.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, I believe that we must protect Florida’s natural coastline. I am opposed to fracking on a statewide level and support the Florida Forever program to increase state acquisition of conservation land. As a state representative, I will stand up to large corporations and special interests that pollute Florida’s air, water and fragile aquifer.